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R.E.A.L. Science Resources in the UK - Help please.

Guest Bev

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Hi All,


After much MUCH thought I have finally decided on using the Real Science Odyssey Earth and Space curriculum, Level One.


However I've fallen at the first hurdle and could really do with some advice.


Where can I get the Rock and Mineral Kit in the UK?

And: Is there anywhere on the high street I can buy an inflatable globe and a science thermometer.


Many thanks for any help you can offer. XX

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I bought minerals and scratch plates from UKGE. They have a page of kits-I got the mineralagy and petrology kit but ended up having to add a Quartz Crystal as the one in the kit wasn't the right shape, and snowflake obsidian, pyrite and magnetite as the kit didn't turn up with exactly what was stated. The add ins were all stuff I had around the house. The kit had more than we need but I figured it might be worth it for later use. If you had time you could go through and buy each item individually, I started doing that but it worked out more expensive than the kit but in hindsight wish I had as the kit had a different mix when it arrived.


I don't think you'd be able to get the thermometer on the high st but Rapid online sell thermometers and inflatable globes. They have seriously quick delivery.

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