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Foster parenting resource suggestions

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There are resources at the adoptuskids.org website.


I *highly* suggest Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control by Heather Forbes as well as some thinking skills materials like Raising a Thinking Child by Myrna Shure. Another would be livesinthebalance.org


Additionally, the boards over at adoption.com are good: http://forums.adoption.com/foster-care-adoption/


There are also several of us on this board if you would like to ask specific questions.

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I would highly suggest that you get in touch with local foster parents and ask a lot of questions. Different agencies/states/areas handle things differently and it is great to have contacts with other foster parents who have been there/done that in your area and know the resources to use---like where to find Medicaid glasses or a medicaid dentist for the foster child.


We have fostered over 100 kids and adopted 3 through foster care. We took a break for the past 5 years but now are becoming licensed again for respite and possible adoption.


Read up on various types of special needs and the behaviors the foster kids are likely to show. Be ready and willing to say NO to any child that won't fit well in your family. i would also suggest keeping the foster kids at least 3 years younger than your youngest bio child in most cases. Most foster kids are very emotionally immature but also very streetwise and can "educate" your child in many things that you might not want them taught.

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