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Anyone know a website where I can find 2 digit multiplication that prints on a grid?

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Zee needs to practice two digit by two digit multiplication a bit before we move on in our curriculum, so I'm printing worksheets from online. I've found ONE site that prints them on a grid (you know, like the problems look like they're printed on graph paper). He needs the grid for now to help him keep his numbers lined up.


Any suggestions?

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Copy problems from non-grid websites into an excel spreadsheet, reformat the cell sizes to make it the grid you want, and print with gridlines.


I thought of this, but it's so much easier to just hit 'print', lol. :tongue_smilie: I'll stop being lazy and go do that. :D


I would just use graph paper. You can have your kids copy problems from the math book onto the graph paper.


I did find this site that has printable pages with 2-digit x 2-digit problems on grids, but it might be the same page you already found.


Your link is a little wonky, but once I fixed it, yes, that's the only site I found with what I'm looking for.

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