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A little competition is a good thing

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I wrote earlier in the school year of helping my ds(1st) read better. Well, baggy books have been coming home. He is level B....levels are A - J. His friend, who also happens to sit next to hime, is on level F. My ds noticed the friend's level yesterday as the baggy books were being put away (this is not announced by the teacher at any time).


Anyway, DS annnounced last night that he is going to read better and promptly sat down and not only read 4 early readers to me, but then read them again to his older brother. This ds is clearly motivated by others and doesn't like to ever come in last.


So, in this instance ps is helping me out greatly! Can't duplicate this at home and I tried all last year.

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This type of competetiveness has been and continues to be a huge benefit to my dd. She told me just last night that enjoys being one of the smartest ones in the class. The only problem is now there's more smart students so she doesn't feel as special. It's driving her to work harder. (She sometimes slacks off if left to her own devices, so this is a good thing.)

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That's awesome! My DS is similarly motivated--very competitive. It's nice to have him competing with strangers vs his sisters now that he's in school this year.


Good for him to set himself a goal!!


Try reading the Andrew Lost series with him as partner reading outloud. The print on that is big enough to follow along.


It was while partner reading this series with my DS that I realized he could actually read real books on his own. He loved those books and begged for me to read them with him.

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My ds(1st) is also redoing writing if it's not his "best" work. I love that his teacher refers to first grade as their job. We've always talked about school that way and how you always do your best. Yeah!!!! Love it when teachers are thinking like me :lol:

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