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Hi Everyone!


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Hi everyone!

I have been a long time lurker here (maybe a year?). A few months ago I signed up for a username because I thought I had a helpful hint for someone who had permanent black marker on their kitchen counter courtesy of their child :) . I didn't realize it would take a few days for the account to go through so I didn't get to share my hint: if you go over permanent marker with a dry erase marker it will wipe cleanly away.


Back to my intro - I have two little boys (almost 7 and 5). My oldest attends a once a week program for homeschoolers at a local charter school that teaches language arts (Spalding WRTR and Shurley Grammar) as well as specials. He attended this program last year for three half days and we were very happy with it. At home we focus on the three r's with FLL1, WWE1, ETC, SM, and WRTR. We also have SOTW and BSFOU that I hope to slowly add into our day.


To those who are wondering 'Why lurk for so long?' perhaps adding 'she must be a troll!!!' - I've never posted because I don't really find I have much to add to the conversations in addition to what has already been said. Except for the marker on the counter situation and a thread today that I PM'd instead.


That is my LONG way of saying hi :seeya: and thanks everyone for all the great ideas.



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it's nice to meet you! Don't be shy, I am sure you will have good things to contribute. :D


the charter school sounds nice. I always kind of wanted to try Shirley grammar, but I knew with my scattered ways, I'd fail at it...


this is a nice place :)

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