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Argh! Why is my printer printing in HTML?

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Or I think it's HTML? Through no fault of my own (but possibly one of the cats' or kids') my printer has started printing everything in HTML or some such language-prints 40 pages of commands instead of one of text!


I've searched and tried to troubleshoot but it's impossible. I keep finding references to the problem online but no solutions.


it's an HP Officejet 4580, Windows XP, I have the problem in both Explorer and Firefox.




Frustrated Beyond Belief

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Um... Can you copy and paste the content you want to print to a Word document and get it that way?


I would try uninstalling the print driver and reinstalling (reboot between). But make sure you can get a copy of the driver from the HP website first.


Eta: ok there's a knowledge base article about this at Microsoft.

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