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that you just can't connect with as far as your homeschool journey goes? My youngest (DD, 3rd gr) is obstinate, difficult, whiny, and argumentative at least one out of the 5 homeschool days. What do you do? Do you push through? (I get so frustrated...she knows how to push my last button!)


Maybe it's the curriculum? (We're doing Sonlight). She normally does really well with workbooks but even that was a flop today. The rest of the days she is ok (just ok...she does as me how many more pages I have to read...etc...so maybe it's the curriculum...) I just hate the feeling that you just have to grit your teeth and have to get through the information...it ends up being unpleasant for all...maybe I should look at something else but I don't even know where to start. DS (7th gr) is so much easier to deal with...he likes Sonlight...if it's just one book that he doesn't care for (I read them myself so I know what he's covering), we'll discuss what he doesn't like and if it's a book that I feel we can put aside, we do. DD's issue seems to be with ALL of the books...even Ginger Pye.


Any thoughts?

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It could be a learning style issue. I know my little (we are just doing K) needs a break especially if we are having a tough lesson in like math or something. I know she needs the physical activity of learning--writing things down, coloring the pages, pretending to be the animal we are talking about or whatever. If I expect her to just retain when we are reading something I know most likely it's not going to happen and she will declare she's done with school a minute into explanation but beg later for school if that makes sense

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