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Where to order Zaner-Bloser Handwriting? Also,a placement question


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Is the publisher the only place this can be purchased?



I was looking at this for my 1st grader who wants to learn cursive - book 2C for him??


And my 2nd/3rd grader, who spent 2 weeks learning the cursive alphabet but hasn't used it much yet - should he start in book 3 (reviews manuscript and then does intro to cursive) or book 4 (mastery of cursive)?


Thank you!

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I ordered the kinder and first grade handwriting books from the publisher's website last Sat. (a week ago). I looked to see if any other site had it but I couldn't find it on rainbow resource or Christian bookstore. The shipping and handling was only five dollars and no tax was listed to California. I called the company Friday to see if the books had shipped and was told they had been shipped and were scheduled for delivery this Monday - so it only took 6 business days.

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You don't happen to be a Barnes & Noble member? B&N.com sells them, but it's only worth it, if you're a member and get free shipping.


I hope over to the Zaner-Bloser Web site and get the ISBN/SKU numbers I need, then I plug them into B&N's Web site.


I'm a member, so I get free shipping no matter what size order I place. I use a member coupon code for each book from here and buy a discounted B&N gift card from here that I use to pay at B&N.com. I also click through a rewards site like eBates or Fat Wallet when I shop.


It ends up being cheaper for me, but won't work for everyone.

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