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Know any good recipes using baby food in them?


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We've gotten our first month of WIC that includes the baby food. Because we're bf'ing, it included both baby meat and LOTS AND LOTS of fruit and veggie baby food, plus some cereal. Seriously I was given 4 checks for 9 2-packs or 16 jars of fruits/veggies, and 2 checks for 15 jars each of meats.


I never even used baby food with DD; she just transitioned from breast to table foods and refused to be fed. DS seems to find being spoon fed slightly amusing, but at his rate of consumption I could feed quads on what they gave us, assuming my milk supply held out.


Anyway, I thought a good way to use some of this jarred stuff might be in baking, so I thought I'd check with the Hive for tried and true recipes.

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I've used applesauce for the oil in most baked goods, but the prunes work better for brownies than the applesauce (my sister uses these in any baking that's chocolate). The carrots, carrot cake of course, and I've seen suggestions to use these to take the acid edge off of tomato sauce. Any of the veggie purees could work in meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, etc. Add fruit to pancakes.


Look at









Basically think of them as pureed ______, not as baby food. Since they usually aren't heavily seasoned, salted or with additives, they can work nicely. The meats may be harder, but maybe in burrito mix or meatloaf? The only other thing I can think is that it's like potted meat or deviled ham, so you could mix it with seasonings and a bit of may to make a sandwich spread?


Do you have a pet? My girlfriend uses baby food lamb as a treat for her cat.

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I had the same problem with my 4th. WIC gives way to much baby food. I had stacks of it sitting around. I only bought the meat once and my ds refused it. I don't blame him it was totally nasty. I asked the WIC lady if I needed to keep getting it and she said no it would not affect me or the program to decline the meat, so I just threw the vouchers out. I gave some of the baby food away but it was kinda hard to do since everyone on WIC gets it. Needles to say my 4th baby ate the most jarred baby food of any of my children. :lol:

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Yes, meat is just for breastfed babies. I also get a food package for myself until DS is 1yo., and it's larger than the food package for pregnancy/non-breastfeeding postpartum mothers. For all of that,and a breast pump, nursing pads, and milk storage bags for the asking, though, it still much less expensive than formula for one baby on WIC.



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