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Is Khan Academy "enough"?

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I have a daughter who really struggles in math and we are trying to focus on it this year to catch her up. She is 13 and doing all other classes at 9th grade level. She is smart, esp gifted in language arts areas. But math is just really hard for her.


She did MUS up till Epsilon. Could. not. get. fractions. Tried LOF and then Key to. Lots of tears and sweat and we got her past it, barely. She is now doing LOF decimals, but failed the bridge 3x in a row for this section(2nd or 3rd bridge) so I had her stop.


She signed up for Khan academy today and went through easy stuff just to gain points. If I can get her through all the arithmetic, will it be enough to start pre-a? The website says so, but I wanted other input.


If she likes the format, could I continue to use it for pre-a or A1 and would it be enough? I mean starting at algebra I have to count it for HS credit, so would it? I hope this is making sense.


We also do problem solving/word problems with Challenge Math together as a family, so she gets that too.


Thank you!

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and it could be enough. He is also using LOF.


My only concern would be review. Once you complete something there isn't the review that there normally is in many math programs, but that being said it seems very complete.


I needed a gap year for my son so Khan along with LOF is giving me that. I may have him keep using it and then use tests from another curriculum later.

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