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Prep for AoPS Pre-algebra, SM's intro to division by two digits & negative numbers?

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I looked on Singapore Math's website under the content pages of each level to find where division by a two digit number is introduced, but couldn't find it. (Example : 5628 divided by 12)


I also tried to find where negative number computations are introduced? Same results.


We had used SM exclusively for many years. My dd is currently in 5A. We just recently started Hands On Equations for supplemental math fun. She is loving it! I think AoPS Pre-Algebra for my DD next year, when she is in 6th, would be a nice fit (aside from the two concepts mentioned above, she is ready).


Could someone shed some light on finding those concept introductions for me? Also, any advice on prep for these two concepts, so that she is ready for AoPS pre-algebra?



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Division by a 2 digit number is in 5A Stds. Ed. Chapter 2 Section 5 pp. 44-47.


Negative numbers are in chapter 13 of 6B Stds. Ed.


Thanks! I guess I didn't check too well in 5A. ;-)


Hmmm...If negative numbers aren't introduced until 6B and I want to start AoPS Pre-algebra next year, I will have to find another means to teach her negative numbers. Maybe I'll use Khan Academy?


Has anyone skipped SM 6A&6B and gone onto Pre-algebra? What did you do to teach nagative numbers, then?

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I thought negative numbers were not covered in the US SM edition? I thought it wasn't covered until the beginning of NEM.


That is correct. No negative numbers in US Ed. Covered right at the beginning of the secondary series - DM or NEM.


It's very easy to buy a supplementary unit on negative numbers, or just make one up, though.

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Ed Zaccaro's fun supplementary book Primary Grade Challenge Math has sections on negative numbers and linear equations, and other "advanced" topics. Zaccaro has a gift for making "complex" things seem easy, and the goofy-humor may appeal to kids who like goofy-humor (mine does).


It may or may not be redundant with the other things you are doing or considering, but it is a resourse we have been enjoying and learning a good deal from in fun ways.


Zaccaro has other books like How to Become a Problem Solving Genius and Challenge Math (for Middle School) that we have not yet tackled, but have penciled in based on how much we've enjoyed PGCM.



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