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Favorite typing program?


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My kids have fun with Dance Mat Typing from the BBC. It is free online. Usage has trailed off, but some of it has stuck. As the days get shorter I may start encouraging more work.


I did find a free typing game somebody linked to, there were zombies attacking and you had to type the word they were mumbling in order to kill them. I found it challenging when I tried it, but the level of violence was SO HIGH I couldn't possibly see letting my kids play it. Anyway, by the time the are typing well enough I doubt it will be an issue (although it REALLY was violent. and gory.)


There are a few other free programs I haven't tried. They found me while I was checking out DMT and they wanted to do it and I've never gone back to do more investigating.


1. Online typing Course



2. Dance Mat Typing



3. Touch Typing (Online)



4. Kiran's Typing Tutor



5. Learn2Type


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We are using this:




Mind you, we are not doing this very formally right now. My kids are 1st and 3rd grade and I purchased it as an "optional choice" activity. My kids get several learning activities and games to choose from if they finish their core work and have spare time - and this is one of them.


Both my kids enjoy this program. They've been using it off and on for a couple months, and are up from 4-7 wpm on home keys and are now up close to 15-20 wpm. I'm happy with that progress considering their ages and how sporadically they practice. There are lots of games included. I also like that it is NOT online. They have laptops and it's nice to have some programs that work independent of the internet if the 'net is down or we are traveling.

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My daughter is currently using Typing Instructor For Kids Platinum, and so far it seems effective and enjoyable. Lots of games for practice, progress charts, goals and challenges, etc. It always knows where you left off and the practice games will never include letters the child hasn't yet learned. We really like it.

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I purchased Typing Tutor Platinum for my son last year. He didn't like it but he is an avid video game player and the games were not engaging enough for him. He complained anytime I made him do typing, so I gave up on it.


This year he is using www.typingweb.com/tutor/courses


It's free and he likes it much better. I think it is more appropriate for his grade/age level. (He is in the 7th grade and 12 years old.)

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Oops I just realised that we don't have the "Kids" version of the software. The non-"Kids" version still has games and I was able to choose a kids path for learning to type. My kids are grade 3 and up.




DD wants me to put in this: :lurk5:

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