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Y3 Aust NAPLAN Writing test

Amber in AUS

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DD isn't old enough to sit this test yet but i wanted to see how she would go to get an idea of what we need to work on for the test in the future. This test was the test given in 2009.


Writing Stimulus -

The Box

Today you are going to write a narrative or story.

The idea for your story is "The Box".

What is inside the box? How did it get there? Is it valuable? Perhaps it is alive?

The box might reveal a message or something that was hidden.

What happens in your story if the box is opened?

Think about :

-the characters and where they are

-the complication or problem to be solved

-how the story will end

Remember to :

-plan your story before you start

-write in sentences

-pay attention to the words you choose, your spelling and punctuation, and paragraphs

-check and edit your writing when you have finished.


You have 40 mins to complete your story.


DD's response (I have not made any corrections to spelling, grammar etc)


Her planning -


dancing chipmunks




thing happened

opens box

gets whisked away to chipmunk land












Where Chipmunks come from

One day a mysterious box appeared on the doorstep. Alvin opened the door and took the box inside. Inside the box was a band of dancing chipmunks! Care to join us squaeked one. ahh no thanks said Alvin. the chipmunks were out of the box now and paddling in the toilet. Hey this guy is fun said lets show the others. So Alvin ended up in chipmunk land. even though they wanted him to stay. I've got to clean the toilet Okay they said we'll be in the box if you need us. hopefully I won't thought Alvin.

The End.


I have NEVER asked DD to write a story before. Clearly she has some grammatical and punctuation errors. I had her read the story back after and she picked up a few of the errors immediately. Care to provide some constructive criticism. Please keep in mind this test is for children 2 years older than DD. Thanks

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Hi Amber


Not sure if the website mentioned it, but this year NAPLAN changed from narrative to persuasive writing. It boils down - from what I could see - to a five paragraph persuasive essay. NAPLAN is done early in second term (second week?).



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