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Hello all! So thankful to be here. We've just found out we'll relocate to Ohio and in a few weeks!


Currently we live in Texas. I've had zero pressure here doing what I believe to be in alignment with my children's needs.


Specifically we'll live close to the Lima area. I'm traditionally trained and Montessori trained. I would of course love to find other families who are homeschooling using Montessori! However we can learn from all and I'm thankful to make local connections with other homeschool families.


We'll likely live in a corporate apartment and up to 3 months while we work to buy a home etc....


Do I need to report to the school district as soon as we step foot into Ohio, or can I wait until we are settled in our new home? I plan to continue to homeschool while "on the road." But this won't of course reflect our true home program. Especially since Montessori moves from concrete to abstract and beautiful materials are part of the process.


My children are Kinder and 2nd and excited for this new change! I'm a bit scared of the cold, but did grow up in PA so we'll survive! It's still in the upper 90s in Houston!!!!


Thanks all!

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We're in Columbus, and it's been running in the mid 60s to low 70s this week. I would buy jackets before you come! ;)


Registration is easy here.


Here's a registration form from the Ohio Home Educators Network.


And for assessment, you can choose to test and submit results or provide a written narrative from a certified teacher that states that your child has progressed satisfactorily in the past academic year.


Also, schooling isn't compulsory until the school year that your child will be 6 on December 31. So, you might not have to register your Kinder. We won't have to register DS until he's starting second grade at this rate. :001_smile:


I don't know anything about the Lima area, really, but welcome to Buckeye Country!!

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Welcome to Ohio. I am a west coaster but this is my home now and I love it. Ohio seems like a really easy state to homeschool in but I have never homeschooled anywhere else so I guess I can't really make that assessment. As for being able to write the narrative I believe it has to be from someone outside of your family, I remember reading that somewhere, but I am not certain.

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I just looked up the law because I was curious and it looks like you can write the narrative, it doesn't say anything about who can write it besides that it must be written by a licensed or certified teacher.


"A “written narrative indicating that a portfolio of samples of the child’s work has been reviewed and that the child’s academic progress for the year is in accordance with the child’s abilities.†(If a written narrative is prepared, it must be written by either (a) a licensed or certified teacher, excluding the certification of teachers in nontax-supported schools provided under Ohio Rev. Code § 3301.071, or (b) “[an]other person mutually agreed upon.â€)".

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