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Quick! Please help me find this for Apologia PS before Monday!

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I just got dd13's Physical Science books yesterday and plan to start on Monday. However, I KNOW I saw somewhere a link to, or someone mentioning that they had seen somewhere all of the On Your Own questions and Study Guide questions typed out so that the student wouldn't have to copy the questions into their own notebook. I probably have it bookmarked or saved already but I have a habit of not labeling things in an obvious manner. So, instead of labeling it "Apologia questions" I've probably labeled it "You'll need this eventually", or with an obtuse date or something.:tongue_smilie:


Please help!

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I know this is probably not what you are looking for, but knowledge box central has an e-book that has all the "on your own" questions, lab pages, and the study guide questions. The study guide questions are in lap book form. My youngest is doing general science this year and we are using the knowledge box central "on your own" and lab pages. Dd did not want to use the lapbook pages, so I typed them out myself into a workbook format. So far this is working well :D

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There is a Yahoo group that has them


You will need to join the group, then go to "files", then "Physical science"




Thank you for this! I'm a member of another Apologia Physical Science yahoo group, but they don't have this in their files. I was about to buy the Live and Learn lapbook for ds, but I'll just join the yahoo group and get the file off there instead. Thank you soooo much for saving $30. Now I don't have to feel so bad about buying yet another Latin program. :tongue_smilie:

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