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Our DS is 9 and has ADD (no hyperactivity, just difficulty with focus). He also has sensory issues, and so has OT exercises to help with sensory things such as difficulty w/background noise.


I saw on another post a mention of cardio exercise at the beginning of the day as being very helpful for ADD. Is this typical? We really don't know at this point what is sensory and how much is ADD; he also had an auditory processing eval and there are some differences there (difficulty with auditory memory). His ADHD-Inattentive was diagnosed just on a parent-teacher eval so far.


Last year when he was still in school they also noticed up days and down days in regard to focus (we are HSing now).


I was wondering how much exercise to try to incorporate into his daily routine and how much help we might expect. We aren't totally against meds but would like to explore other methods and accommodations first. (This is one reason we pulled him from school, they just weren't doing that--I guess they would have if we'd waited until he fell way behind.)


Any advice/suggestions would be much welcomed.




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