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I felt that my ds did a year's worth of work, so I gave a full credit. Those PAHomeschooler classes are a lot of work! They are certainly more than a semester's-worth.


If you are reluctant to give a full credit, but you're on the fence -- assign or line up a little more work to tip the scale. My ds participated in a week-long TeenPact class the year he took government, so I "tacked that on" to my mental .5/1.0 credit calculation. You could add in working on a pres/congressional campaign. ;) For econ, you could expand the class to include self-study of micro-economics, in the month or two after PAHomeschooler assignments have concluded.



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My dd is doing AP Gov't this year, and I am definitely considering it a full credit course. She is doing the Edwards text, selected Lanahan readings, and the You Decide (constitutional law) book, plus writing a several (four) papers on topics of her own choosing over the course of the year, and then she will do AP Prep stuff in the spring as well. It's surely 5+ hours of work each week, probably more like 8-10 right now as she's getting the hang of it.


I think it really depends on how you structure your course. If you did the bare minimum to get a good AP score, I could see it being a 1/2 credit, but if you are fleshing it out into real analysis, etc, then it can easily be a full credit. I want dd to get a full experience and learn some real analytical skills, as well as experience using & analyzing primary resources (thus the Lanahan, etc), so I have fleshed it out into a full course, IMHO.

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At our local high school, AP Micro, alone, is a full credit. My daughter is doing Micro and Macro this year, with plans to take both AP exams. My cursory review of college credit policies indicates that colleges that give full credit (3 semester hours) for each AP exam, so I will certainly give a full credit for economics.



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