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Can anyone share what year the Catholic Church's readings are, a, b or c? I hope this is question makes sense. We are Episcopal and I think both churches follow the same year/readings. But, our particular church/priest can be rogue from time to time and deviate on the Episcopal readings.


Anyway, need to know for dd who attends a Roman Catholic school. Her Religion teacher this year is assigning weekly memorization from readings from Sunday's service. She will not provide what those readings are, the kids are to have gone to Sunday mass to know what the readings are. (many families/kids do not attend church regularly, we do, but are not RC, nor is dd only 7th grader who is not RC) I have no issues w/ that, but I want to know what the readings are so that I can review them w/dd Sunday evening in the event our particular church did not follow the same.


Asked Rel teacher who, jumped to conclusion that I wanted special treatment, no memorization, for my dd, instead of listening to my question and just telling me what year the Roman Catholic Church's readings are. Ugh. I really don't want any special treatment, just want to provide her w/ the correct readings. I realize it is a Catholic school & expect religion class to be centered around RC. duh lady, I chose the school, pay tuition, etc. is what I wanted to say to her, but thought better of it. :lol: (yes, school adm is well aware we are members of the Episcopal church & welcomed the kids anyway, probably happy for the tuition. we have never, ever asked for special treatment for the kids, they attend mass at school etc. in fact, my older ds earned the highest grade in 8th grade rel class last year, which results in a special award at this school.)


Now that this post is super long, just need to know RC Sunday readings. Thank you :001_smile:

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Does the Church have a website? Ours posts the readings for each week and month in advance, and have already posted the changes that are coming that they'll start on the first day of Advent.


If they don't have stuff on the web, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops posts the Roman Liturgical Calendar online.


I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for?

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There are lots of websites that have the daily and weekly readings. Here is one: http://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/inspiration.htm


My younger DD goes to a Catholic school and they have to memorize some lines from the Sunday Scripture reading. The school gives them the verse to memorize and they also talk about it in class.



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Why wont she just give the verse? I would say...try and look for the bulletin online. Our church has the bulletin online and you can see all the readings for the week in that without attending. There are lots of kids that attend Catholic School but do not attend the mass at their school or are not Catholic! I know that in those special circumstances they would need to provide those verses. If she wont give them to you and you cant find them ...Im sure if you ask the office they will get it accomplished for you! :001_smile: They are usually fast about getting things taken care of.


I would go crazy with that. I dont attend our Catholic School Mass for the school my kids are in. I attend my mass at my Catholic Church next to my house. I guess they read the same verses but you would never know. I thought they chose their own verses.

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Thank you!!!! I greatly appreciate year and cycle and web site.


My understanding is that all of the RC churches are in the same place at the same time in the readings.


Should have added, the middle school is not affiliated w/ any particular parish, it is the diocese middle school/high school.


I did not want to go to adm w/ finding the readings, don't want to get off to worse start w/ said teacher. Worried it would be blown out of proportion. Just wanted to make sure I was reviewing correct readings w/ dd.


I understand why teacher won't provide actual readings, she is encouraging/strong arming families into attending church each Sunday. :glare: Imagine I won't be the only parent utilizing a web site to make sure we are reading correct scripture. (she then provides clues to kids so they know which passage to memorize, not sure she will be successful in her master plan. some parents are quite unhappy w/ her arrangement - I will let them fight the fight.)


Again, I greatly appreciate this! Thank you.

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