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What kind of learners might my girls be if they love and are doing really well with Rod & Staff English and Spelling Plus? Okay, maybe "love" is taking it a little too far. They don't complain about doing it, throw fits or suddenly have to go to the bathroom or, well, you get the idea! I know they are very different: my older one runs on a clock, routine and schedules while my younger one clearly defines "time" as something of an imposition. I'm just trying to figure out what is uniting them! I know that being with them all the time I'm the one who should be able to figure out what their learning and processing styles are, but in this case I think I'm just too close. Can the all-knowing Hive help me out here?

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I'm sorry, I double posted this. My computer froze up and when I got back online I couldn't find this post. Now I see it, after I posted another one! I'm amused by the differences in the two posts, asking the same question. :lol:

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