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What is your favorite Easy Reader?

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My newly 7 year old is really starting to read! Yay! But I am running out of quality readers as he basically refuses to read a book more than once!


What is your favorite Easy Reader book or compilation? I need help going to the Library! I've had to buy all of our readers b/c our library doesn't carry hardly anything from the "lists". (Even with the inter-library loan system!)


I would really appreciate your recommendations!



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Your library should have an assortment of easy readers. Our library has a whole shelving area specifically dedicated to easy readers, but many picture books qualify, too. No need to consult "lists" - just anything and everything that he can read. There are precious few books that could quantify as "good" that are also Easy Readers, and the quantity required is ideally more than that. Just plow through 'em, whatever pictures and covers tickle his fancy.


Just let him snag anything and everything short and sweet off the Easy Reader shelf until he gets up to Magic Treehouse level. Then some more options open up.


Also there is some material on Starfall that is Easy Reader level.

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I always buy the Sonlight Readers. Also, we have the entire set of McGuffey Readers. Of all the things I've ever bought for school, we've probably used that set of readers the most.


Other stuff from the library....


Commander Toad series (my oldest daughter was obsessed with these :tongue_smilie:)

Bob Books (but these are a step down from Commander Toad)

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You definitely need the library. And I say just let him pick stuff out. They'll have a million things - quality and not. Some hits in our house included:


Elephant and Piggie

Fly Guy

Amelia Bedelia

Mouse and Mole

Frog and Toad

George and Martha

Henry and Mudge


High Rise Private Eyes



Then, for that next stage (both my boys seem to think there's a stage between Frog and Toad and Magic Treehouse)...


Nate the Great

Commander Toad

Ricky Ricotta


... and so forth...

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Elephant and Piggie are huge hits here. Oh, and you can't forget the Fly Guy series - perfect for boys. Lately, Mouse Tales, Mouse Soup and Owls at Home by Arnold Lobel have also been good choices.


:bigear: We're sort of stuck too due to fluency & vision issues, so I'm not sure yet where we'll go for readers either.

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As far as series go, I agree with many of the others...big favorites are Frog & Toad series, Henry & Mudge series, Harry the Dirty Dog, Mouse Soup, Owl at Home, the selections from Sunlight for sure (1st & 2nd grade levels)...what else...oh, and Nate the Great too!


ETA: I've been keeping track of books that DS chooses and likes as he progresses...mostly for my blog readers who have asked, but it might be helpful for you as well. http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/2129123?shelf=i-can-read

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