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Five in a Row for bigger kids?

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I am so burnt out. I'm pregnant with baby #5 and my youngest 2 are almost 2 and 3 1/2. I'm seriously considering trying FIAR for my 1rst and 3rd graders. I know it would be plenty for my 6 year old. . .and my 8 year old reads soooo much on his own.


But. . .I mostly hear about people using it with Kers. . .Has anyone used it with bigger kiddos?:bigear:

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Beyond Five in a Row is geared for older children and uses chapter books.


I think doing Five in a Row is still possible with your older children though. You can always add additional activities or pick up additional readings from the library for them. I think it would be easier to do FIAR for your younger kids and add in things for the older children versus trying to keep your younger kids interested in BeyondFIAR.

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I really want to target my 6 year old. She's been kind of drug along with ds. . .sitting through things she has no interest in. I think Beyond would be too much for her. . .

Ds 8 really does enough willingly. . .he reads through SOTW and any science books for fun. . .but I think he would enjoy FIAR as well.

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There is a lot of meat in FIAR. My child is reading at a 5th grade level but still getting a lot out of our picture book studies in FIAR! You could easily beef things up for your older child by adding writing assignments, nonfiction reading, etc. to go along with the FIAR study. There are plenty of recommendations on the FIAR message boards.

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I used it last year with my dd, who was 3rd grade then. There is a lot to learn from FIAR. If you stick to the manual, maybe print a few blank maps and have notebooking pages handy, then you let the lesson unfold naturally, following trails if and when the interest is there. I wish someone had told me that.:D

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We did FIAR while in 3rd grade. It's easy to assign extra books that go along with the topics covered. :)


That said, while FIAR is easy it's NOT a laid out schedule for you. It's just certain things you can study based on the book you read. For instance.. In Volume 1, the first book is Ping so here are some topics you could study:


Social Studies:


Yangatzee River




Vocabulary words {they are written in the manual}

Personification {eyes on a boat & term wise old boat}



Ducks in Ping's Family



I think it was charcoal, but I might be wrong.






Now, they do give you GOBS of stuff under each topic and many people just open the manual and run with it. ;) I always felt the need to be a little more prepared, especially with an older student. That's just me, and I'm only saying all this because you mentioned wanting to make your load lighter/easier. :D

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