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Need a good research topic/question on U. S. Constitution

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This is a required research project for the one day a week classical program my daughter attends.


It has to be a probing question, accompanied by a hypothesis, supportive of 40 hours of research, with a conclusion as to whether or not thehypothesis was proven correct by the research. The teachers apparently like it a lot when you come to a different conclusion after conducting your research.


We haven't come up with anything that is particularly interesting. Any ideas, oh hive mind?



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Personally, I'm fascinated by the electoral college ~ why it was implemented, whether or not it's still relevant, does the 24 hour news generation we live in change it's relevance? What are some other alternatives? (one person - one vote?/ break up electoral votes by congressional district (so the state's votes are split, not all or nothing as they are now)) etc...

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Why is there a requirement of being born in the country, rather than a simple length of citizenship, for the presidency? What is the background, and should the rule be reconsidered now that people are more mobile?




What constituted a viable voting citizen at the time of the drafting of the Constitution, and how did that effect the design of that document?




Did the drafters of the constitution view it as permanent? If not, why has it become so permanent?

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Does your dd have an area that might be more interesting than another? Some ideas for starters:


*states' rights


*rights connected with the 1st Amendment: right of assembly, free speech, freedom of religion, et al.


*4th amendment search and seizure -- perhaps connected with airport security or searches at schools


*Constitutionality of the federal health-care legislation (and the 10th Amendment) (though this is just now being litigated so no conclusive decisions)




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