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Chalkdust algebra 2-trying to figure out what to use in Larson combined volume!!

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Before I reinvent the wheel here, I thought I'd see if anyone had already figured this out. We used the actual Chalkdust Algebra I (2nd edition) last year, and this year my son is doing both Geometry (old, on VHS) and Algebra 2. I bought the Houghton Mifflin combined DVD set and the Larson 5th edition combined Elementary and Intermediate Algebra book figuring I could use that with my younger son for Algebra I and II when the time came.


Well. Now I don't know what to do in the combined volume for Algebra 2! Somehow I thought it would be an easy split, and the book would be split into two parts, but it seems to actually BE a combined course! Even looking at the table of contents for just the intermediate book doesn't really help b/c there seems to be a great degree of overlap from beginner and intermediate. We had done chapters 1-9 in Algebra I, which just left quadratic equations. Eyeballing the table of contents of the Algebra I 2nd edition vs the combined course 5th edition I can see that complex numbers (ch 9) wasn't covered in Algebra 1, but if we start with that we would cover only four chapters plus the complex numbers section for Algebra 2! That doesn't seem right. I'll have to sit down and look more closely at the preceding chapters and see if they cover new content that we will need to go over.


Thus my post and my question: Has anyone sat down and broken down what is new to the intermediate edition and not included in elementary? I know a certain amount of review will be necessary, but not an entire COURSE worth, esp since we are doing 1 and 2 consecutively rather than with a year off in between!


Probably should've just bought the intermediate book!


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These combo texts were designed to be used as REVIEW for remedial students who have taken the courses before-- but it has been a while and they need a 'refresher' before testing into college maths.


They are NOT cover to cover Algebra 1 followed by Algebra 2... at best these combo texts are awkward and some concepts (like your example of complex numbers) will be presented before young (first time) students have grasped enough of the basics to really understand them.

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I don't understand this.


The Larson Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 TOCs can be compared with the TOC from the combined course. The chapters line up almost perfectly. The combined course is not a totally different book for a different audience. It is the exact same content as the separate books, with the overlap removed. Don't quote me, but I believe it's something like chapters 1-10 are Algebra 1 and 4-13 are Algebra 2. Chapter 4-10 are the chapters that are in both books. You can see the TOC on Amazon to verify.

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