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What does your child's handwriting look like?


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This is from May, so just before he turned 7:




This is his best I've seen... He never does this well in copywork. It's also from this past May:




And yes, he was playing with italic t's in the first one. That was before I taught him italics, but he saw me practicing it. He used HWT print starting in January, and did ball and stick (:ack2:) at school. I had to remediate his writing with HWT. We're using GDI for cursive, slowly learning it.

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She's 6.5, and it all depends... on her own, she's still using all-caps - HWOT-inspired, but not quite "broken," in Angela's terminology.


Here's last week's parsha (Torah portion) weekly copywork:


And one she wrote all on her own. :-)



Big difference, but the important thing (to me) is that she writes uninhibitedly when she wants to and is more careful when it's schoolwork.

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The 6 year old:




The now 9 year old (from when he was 8):




I don't stress about penmanship (perhaps that's obvious), other than insisting the writing be legible and unambiguous. My boys do a fair amount of writing every day (like these AAS lists above), but we've never followed a formal program. We've got things like HWT and Draw Right Now in the house, but my kids use them for consultation and checking more than practice.

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i'm going to try & share...not sure how:001_smile:


both of my children are still a work in progress. the cursive is my daughter & the manuscript is my son (he got spaghetti sauce on it, lol). both samples are from today.


i used HWT for both. i'll start my son in their cursive book next year. he's still sloppy, but i know writing is a process. he'll get it over time.





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Here's a link to ours. Includes photos of my kids' pencil grips (a past and present issue), and also their handwriting.



We used HWOT in the beginning through 3rd grade, and then I dropped formal handwriting practice. Now we're working on Italics Cursive (I don't have any of those samples yet, since we just started).

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