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Boonboon free downloadable text books

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I saw a short film about this website a couple of days ago on a BBC programme and thought someone might find it useful. It is free downloadable text books on a range of subjects written by university professors. I believe it is aimed at university/college 1st years and slightly younger. It might vary book to book. My kids are way too young so i haven't looked that thoroughly.



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:lurk5: The few textbooks I've looked at have a crisp, no-nonsense format (PDF). The content seems to be presented in a concise, get 'er done, no frills form. Those I've downloaded and browsed appear to be on an intro to _______ level, and there seem to be quite a few choices. The book on minerals and rocks has lots of clear diagrams and some color photos.


I think these would be good for brief introductions, review, and maybe a jumping-off point for exploring something new. There are quite a few color ads scattered frequently in the text with a prompt to "click the advert". The English versions use UK conventions. In order to download, you provide an e-mail address for their monthly newsletter (they say it won't be shared), and a short profile.


FWIW, I've run a security scan on the books I downloaded and found no viruses, but I haven't clicked on any of the ads which seem to be for a variety of tech companies and products plus study and employment opportunities. There are lots of categories including math, computer science, engineering, chemistry, biology, and economics.

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