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Last minute wedding WWYD?

What should I do?  

  1. 1. What should I do?

    • Find another dress
    • Go with what you already have
    • Obligatory Other (please explain)

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My dh's best friend from college is getting married Saturday in another state. DH went today to pick up his tux, and the vest is RED. The problem is that no one mentioned this to me when I picked out my dress (I'm not in the wedding party, btw), which is purple and black.


I am going to clash horribly with dh. :( I have one more day before we leave for the wedding. Should I spend that last day looking for another dress? I really like the one I picked out; it's very comfy and flattering to my figure, and I will easily be able to wear it again. However, I am meeting all these old college buddies of dh's for the first time, and there will be a ton of pictures. I don't want to clash in all of them.


eta that I do not have a dress already that will work. I either have to wear what I just bought, or buy something else.

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If you have the time and the money and it won't stress you out to look, then go for it.


If you don't have the time, or the money, or the stress of looking will throw you off your groove, then don't.



I totally understand about the picture thing. Our entire family is going to be in my SIL's wedding in October. I will be 2 - 4 weeks postpartum and a bridesmaid, and all I can think of is what a shame it will be to be all matching in lovely dress up clothes and me looking like a puffer fish :D


Good luck!

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Deep Purple would be just fine. If this is a lilac (light) purple, it *might* look bad in the pics. Just my opinion, though.


I voted other, but I would probably go with what I had and try not to let it bother me.



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Unsinkable Kristen, I bet you'll look just beautiful! :) My MIL passed away 2 days after my youngest was born, and I was all worried about finding a black dress to smoosh my postpartum body into for her funeral. Well, that and how I was going to manage to nurse my newborn in front of a church full of nosy biddies, LOL! It worked out fine for me, and the baby was a welcome positive.


The dress is a deep purple, not lilac.

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I would keep the dress.


Your DH could take off the vest for pictures you take with your own camera. If you are able to buy rights to the pics from the photographer, you could change them to b/w.



BRILLIANT! Thank you!


Stacia, that really helped to see the colors paired like that. I wouldn't have thought to google for images.


katilac, I'm glad you were :lol: and not :glare: at this thread!


Y'all have given me the confidence to just go ahead with the dress I already have. Now I can spend my day in a ridiculous anxious frenzy for different reasons, lol. We're leaving the kids behind for the weekend. First time I've been without at least one child since April 13, 2003! It will be okay. It will be okay. It will be okay....

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I wore the dress I had bought, and it was just fine. :) I did look a little out of place when we went out right after the reception. Everyone with me was in the wedding party, including a woman who was part of the groom's attendants, so they all matched very nicely, but we were having so much fun that I didn't think about it much! :o


Also, we did get some good photos of dh and I that I will be making b&w as someone above suggested. I really appreciate the input.

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