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Beast Academy Samples Have Arrived


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Got this email from Beast Academy:


"As the first Beast Academy books near completion, we are considering several possible formats for the series. We would like to hear from parents like you before making a final decision.


The Beast Academy books will come in sets. Each set of books includes a comic-style instructional Guide and a companion Practice workbook. The complete third grade curriculum will include about 400 pages of Guide and almost 500 pages of Practice. We are considering dividing the materials into 2, 3, or 4 sets of books.


Please click the link below to answer a single-question survey to let us know how you would like to see the material divided."


Just an update for those who are eagerly waiting like I am. :001_smile:

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I voted for 2 but suggested a one volume hardcover guide book and loose-leaf, three-hole punched workbook pages. I doubt I'll get my wish though. :tongue_smilie:


I vote on your idea! I voted two in the survey, though. I am not sure I will actually buy the Beast Academy stuff, though. Arg.

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I voted for 3, but just because we're on more of a trimester plan. But I honestly think anything would be workable. I imagine that the 2s will win.


Do you suppose we can convince them to put the worktext in pdf? That would be fun, with the new iPad/Notability options.





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