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If you use Calvert and supplement language/English...


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...what do you supplement with?


We are HSing our 9 yo son for the first time and are planning to use Calvert 4. But we'd also like to supplement and personalize the curriculum.


I've seen a couple of posts where people have mentioned using Calvert but also using (if I'm sorting out the acronyms right):

--Writing with Ease

--First Language Lessons

--SWB MCT materials for poetry


Does that mean you are using these in addition to the regular curriculum?

Also, what do you feel these give you that is not in the Calvert?


I want to add that I read SWB's Well Trained Mind and love the ideas, and want to incorporate these into our son's curriculum. I just think that the Calvert provides a great structured curriculum this year rather than trying to pick and choose.


Thank you all so, so much for all of the wonderful suggestions and thoughts so far. It has been so helpful.



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I think Calvert's 4th grade language arts is actually pretty strong. They do a good job with basic writing skills and the grammar is reasonably thorough, though it doesn't include any diagramming. If diagramming is important to you, that's an area in which you could supplement certainly -- but I don't think you need to add daily FLL on top of Calvert's English in order to do that. (Alternately, you could do diagramming at some later point, not necessarily this school year.) I love WWE, but I think adding that on top of Calvert's writing could also be overkill.


If you wanted to do MCT, his first level (Island) materials would likely not be too much in addition to Calvert language arts. And I think the poetry particularly would be a worthy addition. MCT doesn't do traditional diagramming either, but I don't think that diagramming "must" be done in 4th grade. He would get a very, very solid grammar year doing only Calvert and Island.

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Thank you for the very helpful thoughts. This is the one acronym I couldn't sort out...what is MCT? If you can give me the general title or link that would be great. Not sure what this is at all--just saw it mentioned on another post.




MCT means Michael Clay Thompson's language arts materials. Since you mentioned MCT poetry in your first post, I assumed you had looked at his materials. :)



Level 1 is the "Island" level because you begin the year by going through the grammar book, "Grammar Island". Then you add in Practice Island 3-4 days per week (analyzing sentences), Sentence Island (writing) a couple of days per week, and Building Language (vocabulary) and Music of the Spheres (poetry) each week as well.

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