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Kindergarten Fun Curriculum?


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We are doing a light schedule for my DD, I schedule everything weekly but because we are taking our time, sometimes it last for 2 weeks :lol: .



  • I have MUS & OPG that we do a few times a week.
  • We read 1 bible story weekly, and may do some type of activity to go along with it (ideas from abcjesuslovesme.com).
  • Every week we learn about 1 animal, do a letter craft (A alligator, B bat) and then classify them on our board.
  • DD likes to paint & does so often for fun.


I would like to add a little more. Nothing heavy. I cant decide what is best for her age. Id like something that is planned out for me, if its not then most likely it will not get done.

I was thinking about: the states, countries/continents, history, composers, artist or character traits..


Would learning about composers/artist at this age be good? Ive heard of HSers focusing on 1 composer/artist a month. Is there any curriculum out there that lays it all out & is age appropriate for a soon to be 5yo-- that is not too pricey!? :D


Anyone have any advice, or a good curriculum that would fit a stb 5yo?

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I love FIAR, as well. Lots of great art ideas.


I used Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 in Kindergarten. It's very economical and offers several options for fine art study. You can also add in something like Artistic Pursuits for more art instruction.

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