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Apply for jobs?

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I need to find a part time job, while my husband is out of work. The problem is, I've been a stay at home mother for 4 years and before that didn't do anything that would look good on a resume.


However, I've seen three or four jobs on Craigslist that I would be great at. How would a employer respond to a cover letter detailing the strengths I have and how they would relate to the job?


I am, technically, a small business owner. I could play that up, if I had to.


Advice? Thanks!

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This was me 6 months ago. Dh out of work. Everything. I hadn't worked outside the home in 13 years.


Be honest and explain *why* you were out of work. List anything you can think of that you may have done that could be "experience." (For me, I spent 3 years helping to start and run a large homeschool co-op. This counted.)


Unless you're doing something that requires you to keep up with current information (nursing, etc) most employers are very understanding.


I got a part-time job the day after I applied last December. In July, I added a second part-time job. On August 1st, I started full-time at a new company. None of them had issues with the gap in my employment history, because I had a good *reason* for it. :)


Good luck!

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