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Prescription glasses affordable?

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Ok, so I have an eye infection in my left eye due to contact overuse. So I need to buy some new prescription glasses, as my contact usage is, from this point forward, very limited. My last pair I bought at WalMart, I think, but I can't remember what I paid for them... mine are almost current, but I do need to update the rx since I haven't done it in a couple of years.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I would like to get Rx sunglasses, too, if I'm going to have to be wearing my glasses a lot. Is it remotely possible to get two pairs of relatively high-rx glasses for under $100??? :confused:

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Seconding zennioptical.com - we have been buying from them for a couple of years and have had only positive experiences. My daughter is happy because she has variety in her glasses; we're happy because we can get two or three pairs, shipping included, for around $40. And we get them in under two weeks.

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Okay so for those of you doing Zenni, HOW ON EARTH DO you pick glasses? Honestly. I bought 2 pair for me and one for son. None of them are really what we wanted. Thankfully mine were just for driving and the lenes are fine for that. BUT I really don't like how they look on me at all, BUT since I'll only wear them in the car and at night or bad weather I don't care.


The other pair aren't to bad and I did get 50% darkening on that pair. and I like them okay. AGain not perfect looking for wearing but will only be in the car.


I know if I could have really tried them on it would have made a difference.


OH and I did have good measurements, and I did upload my picture to see what they looked like. and still eek.

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Even at Zenni, the cheapest I could find anything that I liked with the options I need would be over $50 for one pair, as they have a surcharge for high prescriptions. (That's still much cheaper than I can get them anywhere else, but it would likely cost you more than $100 for two pairs of glasses.)


ETA: It looks like depending on what options you select, it would still be possible to get them for the rate you want even if you have to add the prescription fee, which is lower than I remembered.

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