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Resource list, long, pt. 2


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http://www.learnlatin.tk/ - Yet another solid site for Latin instruction.


http://www.columbia.edu/cu/augustine/arch/omnibus.html - Funny phrases to

learn in Latin. My son had fun learning such important and useful phrases

as: Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt. Qui annus est? I was kidnapped by

aliens. What year is it?








Texts in Latin:






http://www.oggi-domani.com/site/tableofcontent.htm - This site has 20

lessons on beginning Italian. It won?t make you fluent, but you?ll sound

good on vacation. It?s not for the very young ? it?s a little too tricky to



http://www.locuta.com/eclass.html - This is another free site. It has more

than the one above, but still isn?t a comprehensive course of study.


http://www.zapitalian.com/ - The sister site of similar courses in French,

Portuguese, and soon German, this site is simple, has audio, and is a good





http://www.saunalahti.fi/~huuhilo/portuguese/ - This basic site covers the

differences between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. It?s got quite a

bit of material, so if you?re headed to R?o, this is a good place to visit



http://www.nativlang.com/po/ - In addition to lessons, this site also offers

reviews of Portuguese learning materials.


http://www.easyportuguese.com/ - This site is very simple, but free and attractive.





http://www.bocabeth.com ? Although this program costs money, it?s very good and

geared to younger children, so it may be worth it if you have a young child.


http://www.studyspanish.com - A good place to begin, this site is comprehensive and



http://www.spanicity.com/ - Simple and easy to navigate, this site also has music

in Spanish, which is fun.


http://www.uni.edu/becker/Spanish3.html - A meta-site, this says it has the ?best?

websites for Spanish. It?s bright!


spanishonline.okstate.edu/programinfo.php - Expensive but accredited and

offering through the AP level, this course from Oklahoma State is reputable

and strong.

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Wanted to add a website for Mandarin:


FluentFlix hosts videos by level, and shows pinyin and english subtitles frame by frame. It also has the ability to pin phrases that you are unfamiliar with, so you can review in a separate list later.


I've only evaluated it at the intermediate level (it has beginner/intermediate/advanced) , but I think it has good potential if you already understand some Chinese phrases. It's also good training for listening to native speech because it uses videos from PRC and Taiwan. The speech is fast, so it may be overwhelming/frustrating for beginners.

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For Chinese, this blog post has several suggestions that I hadn't seen before.



It notes that Beginning level (up to 300 chars) material is limited, but does give some book suggestions. For Intermediate and Advanced, there are several suggestions. In particular, I found the suggestion to search for "Chinese Edition" on Amazon useful. I found some Kindle eBooks that way. Since Chinese books are expensive to buy within the US, this seems promising (but I do hope the selection increases).


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