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CLEP or SAT Subject Test for Spanish

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Is anyone familiar with either the SAT Spanish Subject test or the CLEP test for

Spanish? My senior ds did Spanish his first two years of high school, including a one month summer exchange program. Last year he simply didn't have time with everything else on his plate. However, he just added two schools to his college list that require test results or college credits equivalent to two years of high school foreign language for homeschooled students. He would need either a 500 on the SAT or a 40 on the CLEP. Obviously he will have to review and study before the test, but if anyone knows which score might be easier to obtain, that would be very useful. He has strong scores in all of the other required tests, so we're really just looking to meet this requirement, and are not worried about scoring high.


Thank you!

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The Spanish CLEP can be worth up to 12 credits if your student's score is high enough and the school accepts it. (Spanish I and Spanish II are the same exam; the score determines whether your student gets credit for level 1 or level 2.) The CLEP can be taken any time. You don't have to wait for specific subject test dates. See the FAQs on my site http://degreeplanners.com to find out where to take a test.


I would recommend signing up for Instantcert.com. Use discount code 85722 to save some money. Instantcert doesn't have flashcards for Spanish, and you won't see the Spanish CLEP listed as one of the exams they have prep materials for, but they do have specific exam feedback in a private forum for members only. In this forum, there will be a dedicated thread for the Spanish CLEP with many posts, giving you an idea of what the test was like and what the most helpful study aids were. It's well worth a month's subscription, and if you don't agree, you can get your money back.


I would recommend following the advice you read from actual test takers on the Instantcert specific exam forum....then take the exam. If the score is not good enough, study more and try the SAT II Subject Test.


Hopefully the college grants credit for CLEP!

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