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Preparing for CC Essentials


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Hello All,


We are just starting to educate classically with the help of CC Foundations this year and although my daughter is nine, we opted not to start CC Essentials until next year, as a 5th grader. However, I want to be sure that we are preparing adequately for the Essentials.


I have been advised to worry more about writing than diagramming. I confess we haven't done much formal writing at all. And we've only done a very laid back English Grammar program.


We are considering doing IEW Student Writing Intensive A, which would be a big splurge, but sounds wonderful, however it doesn't include English grammar. Or we are considering Shurley English (3?) in it's stead. Those are the faves at the moment. Also thought a bit about FLL and WWE.


Is Outlining a skill they need for essentials? I was told not to worry about diagramming before then, but to focus on writing.


Do you have any advice on preparing for entering Classical Conversations Essentials as a 5th grader?





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Hmmmmm... Starting out with a 5th grader, then you will only get 2 years of Essentials (assuming you move into Challenge). I'm not sure I think you need SWI. My dd was in 5th last year for our first time in Essentials with NO writing background, and did really well. The instruction in IEW is so incremental and clear, that I don't think you need a whole year of SWI to be ready. I would do grammar though. The class time in grammar is spent mostly on review of parts of speech, classifications of sentences, editing to know what's wrong with a sentence, etc. It's good to have some background in the vocabulary of grammar before walking in on that. For writing prep I might do more intensive narration, reading passages and pulling out pertinent information, that kind of thing.

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If this is your first year of Foundations, you might want to pull out the English grammar memory work from your Foundations guide and drill all three cycles instead of just cycle 3. I know it's extra memory work, but it will really give her a leg up next year in Essentials. In addition to that, you might want to find a way to watch the TWSS dvds (maybe with the Essentials parents in your community-ask your director!) and start implementing some of those skills with your daughter at home. That will give her a more solid foundation of grammar as well as some of the simpler writing tasks.


Good luck!

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I'm signing my dc up for Foundations and it will be our first year. I was thinking of doing Essentials the year after for DD, but I actually don't think we will because I plan on using WWS and ALL. I also think Math facts games can easily be done at home.


I do plan on having them do the Challenge programs as of now, but I feel doing WWS and ALL will prepare them just as well as what they are using in the Essentials program.

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Amy! Thanks, I appreciate your input. (I should have said that before!)


I keep re-reading all these posts and mulling it all over.


I assume that we wouldn't be ready for ALL or WWS. It took me some time to figure out what they were! Didn't there used to be a decoder around here for all these acronyms? I could have sworn there was, but I couldn't find it!


I am going to take another look at FLL and WWE too.


Anyone have experience with Shurley English? I like that is has both Grammar and Writing... and jingles =).

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