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K12 History?

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I'm thinking about using K12 history with my 8th grader next year. She will be going to ps for high school, so this will be our last year. This is what K12 lists for their history choices for grades K-8:


History K

History 1

History 2

History 3

History 4

American History Before 1865

American History Since 1865

Intermediate World History A: From Prehistory Through the Middle Ages

Intermediate World History B: Our Modern World, 1400 to 1917

Modern World Studies


Since they don't seem to correspond exactly to grade levels, I'm not sure what to pick for 8th grade. Would American History Since 1865 be too easy? Thanks.

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I haven't used that level so I can't answer from my own experience, but I do know that families have done the World History courses for 5th and 6th and then the American History for 7th and 8th.


If you wanted to get in all of American History before she heads back to ps, you could aim to complete both of the American History courses in one year. It would be a lot of reading, but I think Sonlight uses the Hakim series in one year in Core 100, and they add extra books, so I think it could be done.

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We had planned to do all of Hakim's books this year, but she is just finishing up #5. So US History since the Civil War would be perfect, unless the course is written for 6th graders. Since this is our last year, I really want to make sure she has something challenging before heading to ps. She tends to slack off a little, and I'm afraid she's going to have a rude awakening in 9th grade if we don't raise the bar a little.



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I just wanted to share a little more about k12 history (my son isn't doing it but I have access to all the 8th grade things through someone else I help).


Each "night before," the student reads a certain chapter or two. They may also do definitions, take notes, or be asked to remember something specific ("why didn't Columbus name the discovery after himself?").


Then the next day, they do:


Check Your Reading which can be just about anything: worksheets, creating charts, discussing with an adult, writing in their history journal.


Use What You Know: writing letter to a friend far away; analyzing pictures, diaries, paintings, etc; virtual tours


Discuss Activities


Beyond the Lesson : optional activities.


Of course, you never have to do EVERYTHING in a lesson, but you can do as much as works for y'all. (btw, my son doesn't know this point...yet).


The OnLine School (OLS) says that each history lesson is expected to take 45-60 minutes.


HTHs a little,

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I don't think K12 American History since 1865 is too young for your child. Sonlight uses the same materials on their Core 100 course and Hewitt Homeschool (same ones who wrote Lightning Literature) sells a guide to History of US for their 8th grade program. If it's my son using this K12 course, I will add books like the list from Sonlight's Core 100. My younger girls are using K12's AMerican History before 1865 and I'm adding/using the booklist from Sonlight's Core 3 with it.



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