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WRTW Question

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I have *just* begun WRTR this week with my 2 girls - an almost 6 yo & an 8 1/2 yr old.


My 8.5 yo is what I would call a struggling reader.


Both girls are currently working through The Reading Lesson We have been taking approx one week for each 'lesson'

5 yo is just over 1/2 way through the book, 8.5 yo is up to the last lesson.


This is my question...having just begun WRTR, do I continue with the reading lesson for the 5 yo?

I feel i have badly let down 8 yo - she cannot read fluently, so I am very nervous about letting my 5 yo down. Teaching her to read is a very different experience to teaching 8 yo to read. She picks things up much quicker.


DD 8 is getting stronger, but, for example here is a sentence she tripped up over yesterday -


"I like looking up at the night sky."


the word that tripped her up? - 'at'


how can that be?????


Anyhow, looking forward to thoughts on WRTR. I think also my concern is that will i be able to get it all from the book - & not miss out key parts. My confidence is really shook.


Thanks for reading.

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