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Did you use the workbook as-is? Or, did you have your child write on lined paper instead? Would it be better or me to cut off the binding and have the book spiral bound and use it then? Do you find there was enough blank space and lines for your child to complete the assignments?


I'm just looking for a heads-up on the workbook so I have an idea of what to expect. :) Thanks.

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bumping for you (and adding tags).


Totally off topic: why is your little cute yellow smiley in a corner, bound and gagged??? :001_huh:


Thanks for that!


I thought it was cute and suited my mood one day- fit to be tied- although I wasn't angry- Just feeling crazy from everything that I need to do before the new school year starts up! :tongue_smilie::lol:


There doesn't seem to be a lot of opinion on this subject so I might just go ahead and cut off the binding and stick the pages in a small binder. That way she can have the model in front of her while she's doing work, rather than flipping around in a (coil) bound book. I think the fact that the pages don't lie flat will be a big issue for dd so the binding has to come off.

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I have mine write on notebook paper, instead of in the books. The way my oldest writes, there probably wouldn't be enough room on some of the exercises, but my second would probably be fine. Writing on paper doesn't increase the amount of writing they actually have to do, and keeps the books nice for the next sibling.

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