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? for those familiar with construction type businesses

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Years ago I knew a man who had a business in one location, then in other surrounding areas he had a phone number that was nothing more than a local answering service that would take messages for him. Thus giving the illusion of having business in these other locations. Often in construction type businesses, the business is located in one area yet services other areas out of town.


So here is my question, suppose there seemed to be another area where there seemed to be some work available. In order to save money, do you get a phone number in this area that will ring to your current location, placing ads in the yellow pages to get some exposure? Then if it seemed like a viable location get a small cheap office in that location?


Just curious, wanted to get some input. We want to move to be closer to other relatives. We would just need to propose a plan to my husbands boss/brother. He seemed open, as he would get to keep his best employee in the process. We are not keeping all our eggs in one basket, or counting chickens before they hatch. We have made up our minds that moving is best for our family for many reasons.

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