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Who was president when you were born?

Who was president when you were born?  

  1. 1. Who was president when you were born?

    • William Clinton
    • George Bush Senior
    • Ronald Reagan
    • James Carter Jr.
    • Gerald Ford
    • Richard Nixon
    • Lyndon Johnson
    • John Kennedy
    • Dwight Eisenhower
    • Harry Truman

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The first Pres I "remember" was Nixon (due to Watergate). The first President I began to "follow" was Carter, because of the state of the country at the time, my parent's concerns, gas lines, hostages, and feeling confused.



Though Eisenhower was in office when I was born (1955) the first president I remember was Kennedy. I'm not sure if I would have remembered him if he hadn't been shot. The first one I paid attention to was Nixon, mostly because of Watergate. The first one I voted for was Carter.

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I was born in 1977; Carter was President. The first election I really remember was the 1988 one (which is also the first Olympics I really remember as well). The first one where I voted was in 1996; I remember filling out an absentee ballot because I was away at college. However, the first time I really felt my vote mattered (because the other times I was living in states that were heavily on one side or the other) was in 2008, where I showed up with my 6yo, 3yo, and ten-day-old newborn to cast my vote in our swing state.

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Some of us are old enough to be her mother but waited until age 32 to have our first child......:tongue_smilie:


I was 24 in 1990 and was in my 3rd year of teaching middle school.






I bet there are people here with sons and daughters older than you! :laugh:

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JFK for me.


JFK's funeral, my grandpa's funeral, and my little brother's 1st birthday all fell on the same day. My mom always said good thing the baby was only one and didn't realize he was missing out, because she totally could not celebrate that day (Grandpa was her father).


On a lighter note, my oldest was a Reagan era baby.

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Dwight D.


However, as I oft say, the egg I came from (eggs develop in a woman when she is a fetus) came into being when Wilson was president.


So, who was president when your egg developed?


Good question, my egg developed during the Dwight D Eisenhower administration.

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