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Would anyone be willing to share a syllabus with me?

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I'm making a syllabus for one of my daughter's courses this year. She's only in 8th grade, so I'm doing this as a trial (for her and myself) before high school. I honestly haven't seen a syllabus since college, which was a LONG time ago. Would anyone be willing to share one with me, it doesn't matter what subject. I just want to get a feel for what's is on one.



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Students sue college professors? For WHAT?


Colleges have carried professional liability insurance on professors for maybe 15-20 years or more. There's been more and more requirements though, and the structure and content is pretty much dictated now other than certain content-specific areas. There are whole paragraphs now that are boilerplate legalese and certain language is required when discussing grading, extra credit, etc.


Basically if you don't deliver, aren't impartial, don't document well, make discriminating remarks, etc. etc., you could be in trouble. Going "off syllabus" is a big no-no.

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Granted, this was in the late 1980's, but what I remember a syllabus looking like is much simpler: just a page with three columns. The first column had the dates the class would meet listed (i.e. Tues 9/12, Th 9/14, Tues 9/19, Th 9/21, etc.) The second column had the topic or title of the lecture for that day (i.e. "Sedimentary Rocks," or "Theories of Cognitive Development"). The third column had what readings should be completed by that day/what chapters in the text that topic/lecture went with.


The one exception to this would be the class I took on educational psychology. That prof was all about how to write a good educational objective (a statement of what the student would be able to do after instruction was complete). He included on his syllabus a lengthy and detailed list of objectives, i.e. "List the four stages of . . . ," "Define such-and-such term," "Compare and contrast this and that," etc.

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