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Can you help me with my transcript?

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I went into our district's guidance office to pick up a copy of my son's transcript. He had taken the June Chemistry NYS Regents exam and I wanted to have a copy of the transcript for college visits.


Tacked onto the high school transcript with the Chemistry exam score was a half-credit from 7th grade for Spanish 1. (He began homeschooling in 8th grade)


Do I have to add on a 7th grade column to his homemade transcript to accommodate this half credit?


As it is now, our homemade transcript gives him one credit for Spanish 1 for eighth grade.


The grade on the public school transcript is 100, so that's a positive. I just don't know what to do with my homemade transcript, if anything. I don't want to add on a 7th grade column, but I want everything to make sense.



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This might be a hassle, but you could change the transcript's format to a subject transcript. Everything would be organized by categories (for example: language arts, mathematics) and you could list the term or year taken. Under "Foreign languages" you could list your son's Spanish credit.

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My daughter's public charter school transcript from 9th grade includes several high school courses she took in 7th and 8th grades. Rather than list them as 7th or 8th grade courses, they just list them under the previous school year.


When we went back to homeschooling for 10th grade, I just dropped those earlier courses off our transcript. Personally, I'd just leave off that 7th grade credit. Many colleges wouldn't accept it anyway. I'd also note the Regents Exam scores on the homeschool transcript.


Nobody sees our public school transcript now. It was rolled into our homeschool transcript, which is my dd's current official transcript. When my daughter applied to her college for dual enrollment, they didn't want any transcript other than her current one.

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Thanks so much for the replies!


The public school transcript is necessary for students taking the NYS Regents exams. One can list the exam score on the homemade transcript, but colleges need the official verification from the public school. He scored a 100 on the exam and this needs to be verified by the school where he took the test. So, in our case the public school transcript is extremely important.


I think I'll leave the 7th grade off the homemade transcript and see if the public school transcript generates any comments when he sends it to his first college. I could always adjust things for any remaining colleges.


Thanks for answering. It is appreciated!!

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I would make a homemade transcript in a way that accurately reflects our homeschooling and shows my child's education to the best advantage. For us, that turned out to be by subject.


Most colleges don't want to see course work before 9th grade, even if it is at the high school level. For example, Algebra I is often a high school course, but many kids take it in 8th grade. If a college requires 3 math courses, they may or may not count a class taken in 8th grade -- depends on the school.


Assuming a traditional track (4 years of high school), the GPA on the transcript really ought to be a 4 year GPA, and should not include 7th and 8th grade.


Whether or not to put the Regents scores on the transcript probably depends on what schools your son is applying to. Only NY public schools (SUNYs and CUNYs) will care about the Regents scores, and the scores won't actually need to be on the transcript itself. (The 5 Regents exams have to do with being eligible for a degree, not eligibility for acceptance. I know several kids who've been accepted to SUNYs without any Regents, including my son.) I would just provide the separate school generated document with the Regents scores to any SUNY/CUNY.


Personally, we go the "letter from the superintendent" route, rather than the Regents, because it's so much easier than teaching to the Regents, and allows us to focus on SAT IIs and APs were required by the colleges.




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In our case, my son took the Chem Regents exam at the last minute because counselors at the NYS and PA colleges he visited this spring recommended it. The counselors were not much interested in the bio and chem subject tests, which disappointed my son, who had studied really hard for them.


For the Chem Regents, there was no teaching to the test. He just went in and took it.


Just goes to show how the route to college will differ for everyone, depending on the college and the major.

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We are getting ready to make a hugh across country move. Currently, my boys attend a small Christian school here in Illinois but we are moving to a large public school in North Carolina. I homeschooled the boys thru 8th for my youngest and 9th for the oldest. When we entered this school, I simply took my list of textbooks and subjects to them, no problem. I didn't have anything formal that I submitted other than our yearly test scores. So, I contacted the school the other day and they told me if I give them the list of classes, etc that my oldest had for 9th grade that they would type a letter for us. My husband is concerned about this and is wondering if I should make my own transcript as well. I don't have a clue how to do a transcript.

Any suggestions on a very simple form. I have read where some of you mention a transcript by subject...is that an easier more simplistic transcript?


thanks for anyone....if I could hire this out, I would...I'm that bad at this kind of stuff!!!

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