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Hakim's Story of Science for 8th grade science spine

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I'm working up a plan to use Hakim's Story of Science books this year as a "general science" curriculum for my 8th grader. He's not a science geek like his mom, but likes history (unlike his mom). ;) So, I'm trying this route to see IF there are any areas of science that might interest him. I'm hoping to cover all 3 books (of course not in complete detail) and do experiments along the way to illustrate the works of some of the scientists.


Has anyone done anything similar to this? Are there any overview schedules out there for these books? Do you have an opinion on the books or the Quest guides? Thanks for any direction you can share.

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I have a detailed review of the Quest Guides on my blog.


http://missmoe-thesearethedaysofmylife.blogspot.com/2011/02/teacher-and-student-quest-guides-for.html I'm not sure you would want them, if you are using the books as an overview. And if you had to skip a book, you may want to skip the first book. It seems to have the most history and the least science.


The Thames and Kosmos science kit http://www.thamesandkosmos.com/products/ms/ms.html lines up with the books pretty well and would be a good way to add experiments.

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I am using this for 8th grade science for my daughter this year as well. I did purchase the Quest guide (student and teacher) for the first book - Aristotle Leads the Way. It looks a little easy for 8th grade but also very interesting. She is also doing home ec/science of cooking. I hope this is enough for her - she loves science. This was her choice for this year.

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