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LynnG in Arizona

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace/Next Generation- how to do in co-op

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During the upcoming school year, I want to teach/facilitate a personal finance class using Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace for the Next Generation" course. I already have purchased the DVDs and 10 student workbooks.

I'm planning to offer this to a group of maybe 6-12 high schoolers next year, and am trying to figure out how to set up the class.

My main questions:

1. How much time will I need? I know there are 12 lessons and roughly 12 hours of DVD material. Would I need maybe 24 classes of about 1-1.5 hours each? Much more, much less? Would it be to much to view a complete DVD (one hour) in one sitting?

2. How much outside prep time is needed for the facilitator? How about the students - how much homework time? Should I assign homework? Should I give any kind of quiz or provide other accountability . . . or just show the DVDs and facilitate discussions among the kids?

3. I have also ordered the Teaching Company's course on Economics, and am planning to show these DVDs to my own daughters. I figure that the Dave Ramsey class plus the Economics lectures will add up to a full half credit of economics for their high school transcript.

Should I combine the Economics lectures with the Dave Ramsey DVDs in our small class, or just keep those completely separate?

If you have taught the Financial Peace for the Next Generation class - or if your child has taken the class - could you share how it was structured? If you have any other input or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate whatever you might share. :)

Thanks in advance!


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A friend taught a co-op class w/ this & my son attended. It was 12 weeks long for about 1.5 - 2 hrs. if I recall correctly. They went through the prev. week's homework, watched one 1-hr. video, discussed it, and had a snack before parents came for a bit of social time. She assigned the kids to read the chapter in the workbook and do the pages. Sometimes she'd have them do some research (like prices in grocery store) and sometimes they did things in class together, although class time was mostly watching the DVD.

Kimm in WA

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Her group met for 2.5 hours once a week for 6 weeks. They served dinner IMMEDIATELY when it started and ate while they watched.

She really enjoyed it.

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Wow, that pace seems really quick!

I was even thinking of meeting twice a month for the entire school year . . . so maybe 1.5 hours x twice/month x 8 months = 24 contact hours. Too much?

Thanks again . . . and any additional input is very welcome! :)


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