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AO users...CHOW vs. Synge's books?

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Seeing the age of your children I would opt for CHOW.

Synge has a lovely lyrical quality but has alot of detail that the children may find too cluttered to enjoy (at this time)




:iagree: It's been awhile since I looked at the Synge books, but that was my impression too.

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I don't konow about Synge books . But we've very much enjoyed CHOW here . BUT with this said in my opinion a child in grade 3 /4 at least can appreciate and get anything out of the book . I see too many families use this for youger children and come back and say that the book was awful or it was too much for their little ones . Well that's because Virgil Hilyer meant for it to be read at a 4th grade level . So please keep that in mind . It an EXCELLENT History book . One of the best and most enjoyable I've ever read . But really I don't see the benefit in reading it to a child younger then 3rd grade .

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Just wanted to add that I don't think you can go wrong with AO - it is so rich. I hope you enjoy your plans for next year. One thing I really like about AO is the "continuity of story" you get with Island Story while still getting exposure to world history through CHOW. My oldest son ate it up and never had problems with any of it. When we tried vol. 3 of SOTW for the first time, my oldest ds liked it - but it jumped around a lot more than what *I* was used to. Now, I stick to AO history recommendations and he listens to SOTW cds (or Diana Waring CDs) on his own time (every time he's eating as there is a cd player in the kitchen, LOL!)


We also especially loved The Little Duke, Understood Betsy, and Pyle's Robin Hood from Year 2! (and Burgess animal book with the Petersen? mammal coloring book). It was a great year for us!

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