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Ear bleeding??

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When I cleaned ds's (almost 4yo) ear tonight with a Q-tip it was very waxy and he cried. I was being gentle. The alarming part is that the q-tip had a little fresh blood on it and he really cried. This was fallowed by a drop of blood coming out of his ear. He seems OK now. Should I be concerned?

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it's also possible to rupture an ear drum if he had an ear infection. blood and pus usually comes out when that happens. hope he is okay :grouphug:


:iagree: I recently went through ear infections with ds (I've learned if he complains once, to take him in. he doesn't feel that type of pain.). Ped told me it is during the initial infection starting stage it hurts, some kids don't feel pain with a full blow infection.


also, how far in did you go with the q-tip? it should never go far becuase that itself can puncture the drum.

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