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5th Grade Plans...care to share?

Guest mrscrafty

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Guest mrscrafty

So, this will be our first year trying to follow TWTM. I have read the book and taken notes of possible curriculum for each subject but would love to hear what others have planned. Thanks for your input!

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We don't follow the WTM closely, but I do have a 5th grader.


History/Literature/Bible/Geography/Arts & Crafts: Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Ancients


Science: Apologia Zoology 3 Land Animals (This will be our first year trying this curriculum)


Math: Teaching Textbooks and Math Mammoth


Writing: IEW Ancient Theme Based Writing


Spelling: IEW Phonetic Zoo


Grammar: Rod & Staff and MCT (I know it's overkill, but...)


Art: Meet the Masters


Latin: I am undecided. Either Latin For Children or Visual Latin


Other: Typing, Building Thinking Skills, Proverbs study w/ Dad, Handwriting Without Tears Cursive,


Activities: Drama @ the local theater, Brazilian Jui-Jitzu

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Math: Math Mammoth 5 (4x/week), Singapore CWP 4 (1x/week)

Lang Arts/Literature: MCT Town (their lit component came out and we will use it, too...."Peter Pan", "Alice in Wonderland", and "Wind in the Willows" for the year), Winning with Writing (very short daily but he needs more writing help)

History/Geography/Civics: Hakim (I read to him, he verbally summarizes with the goal of him outlining or summarizing in writing), Intellego (self-study civics, geography, and American History with Socratic discussion and projects)

Science: Singapore MPH 5/6 (entire program....tests, homework, HOTS, etc) daily. DS9 is very science-y. He will also do "Stumbleupon" in Astrophysics (spends hours on different websites of interest).

Foreign Language: Latin/Spanish (short and daily, both from the "Getting Started with...." series)

Logic: Logic Liftoff (once per week)

Piano: 10 minutes/day

Character/Leadership/Community Service: 1 hour/week whatever DS9 wants to do to help others.


DS will be engaged with school (not necessarily in a chair, but learning) for 4-5 hours daily. But he is also interested in career in physics, so I build the year toward that ultimate goal (MIT....HAHA).



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I had a fifth grader this past school year. Here's what she used.


Grammar: Rod and Staff's English 5 and into 6

Spelling: Rod and Staff's Spelling by Sound and Structure 5

Writing: Classical Writing, finished Aesop and moved into Homer

Literature: Veritas Press 5 + extra for history and science

Latin: Latin for Children

Logic: Mind Benders, Word Benders, puzzles

Science: ACS's middle school chemistry, some elementary Apologia, read about tons of scientists from history, followed a bajillion rabbit trails, worked through sections of a large science encyclopedia (similar to WTM logic stage history)

History: Veritas Press

Math: In no particular order, she used parts or wholes of Rod and Staff, Saxon, Lial's prealgebra, Life of Fred, Khan Academy, XtraMath, and read any math novels she could get her hands on (she heartily recommends The Number Devil)

Music: Guitar with DH

Bible: Apologia's Who Am I? with DH

Extra: She was in Girl Scouts for half the year, and jumped into action wherever possible at her brothers' Boy Scout troop and Cub Scout pack (She's d.o.n.e. with GS, and plans to do American Heritage Girls Trailblazer next year.)

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English Grammar/Literature/Composition - Language Smarts B & C / BJU Reading 5 / All Things Fun and Fascinating

Copywork - excerpts from WWE 3

Handwriting - RFH E

Math - Singapore Standards 3A, 3B, 4A

Science - BJU Science 6 as spine. Max Axiom and Magic School Bus to supplement.

History - Currently in Early Modern Times chronologically. Using BJU Heritage Studies 1, 2, 3 as spines.

Geography - US History Map Activities. Map Skills for Today 5.

Health - Abeka Health 5 as spine.

Latin - Cambridge Latin 1.

Greek - Biblical Greek 4 Kids

Computer - Building Thinking Skills, Editor in Chief, Timez Attack, Cluefinders

Spelling/Vocab - Vocabulary from Classical Roots 5

Extra Vocabulary - Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards from Super Duper Inc.

Art - Mark Kistler

Art History - Art Game Renaissance plus Mike Venezia books

Music Appreciation - Composer Study: Handel

Piano - Cartoon Song Book, Kinderbach

Recorder - Cartoon Song Book

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You might be interested in this long thread from the logic board: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=255432


Math: Math Mammoth 6A/B


Latin: continuing with Henle I


Grammar: Analytical Grammar (probably the two-year schedule)


Writing: WWS


Reading: various workbooks on reading comp and making inferences (weaknesses for dd)


Vocabulary: Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop and Hyde's Derivation of Words


Logic: Logic Liftoff workbook and Harry Sottlemeier's Discovery; also this little unit from MEP http://www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk/projects/mepres/book7/bk7_1.pdf


History: From Sea to Shining Sea (US History, from Ignatius Press)


Science: McGraw-Hill Science grade 5

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Not really a WTM'r, but here is 5th grade at our house...




  • Igniting Your Writing Level 1 OR a self-designed program based on an Oak Meadow style
  • Word Roots Beginning
  • Cursive with the Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Maker & poetry
  • The Sentence Family
  • Teaching Textbooks 5... maybe supplemented with LOF Fractions
  • Beautiful Feet's History of Science
  • A self-designed study of classical mythology
  • Nature journaling, with the Handbook of Nature Study as a resource
  • Art appreciation and music appreciation, loosely done
  • Art lessons with The Phonics of Drawing
  • Spiral Scouts and homeschool 4H
  • Lots of reading. I may try assigning some books this year!


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This year we will be using:


Math- Teaching Textbooks

Science- Elemental Science Biology

History- History Odyssey 2 Ancients

Spelling- AVKO

Literature- Classical House of Learning

LA- Spectrum

Geography- The 7 Continents-North America and Asia

Logic- Critical and Creative Thinking

Handwriting- HWOT Cursive

Art- Mark Kistler


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As of right now, here are the plans for my upcoming 5th grader:


Math: CLE, Hands on Equations, and some LOF


Latin: Getting Started With Latin


Mandarin Chinese: starting some basics as soon as we figure out what to use and find a tutor


Spanish: Homeschool Spanish


Grammar: Rod and Staff English 5


Spelling: Megawords 2 and 3


Writing: finish Wordsmith Apprentice, NaNoWriMo, Writing Strands 3


Logic: Logic Safari book 3


History: finish Sonlight core 3 (D) and then move on to core 4 (E), go through all of the Presidents


Geography: US Geography along with history


Science: Weather Unit using God's Design and other resources; Apologia Zoology 2 or RSO Chemistry


Music: Trombone; Theory for Young Musicians Notespeller


Copywork/Cursive: using Startwrite


Co-op classes (will know for sure about this in August)


PE: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball

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5th Grade


Bible-Rod & Staff 5

Math-CLE 4 & 5

Reading-BJU 5

Spelling-Spell to Write and Read

English-Rod & Staff 5

Science-Rod & Staff God's Marvelous Works Book 1

History-Rod & Staff North American Homelands & Classical Conversations

Latin-Latina Christiana 1

Art-ArtPac 5

Literature-various American History titles


Super excited about this year! Can't wait to start!

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My 5th grader will be doing:


MUS epsilon, zeta, and Khan Academy, and some MM and LOF thrown in for good measure


TOG Upper Grammar


Bridge to the Latin Road




Science unit studies


Piano - beginning 4th year

Art - How Great Thou Art

Golf - active in First Tee, family outings

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