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Latin, interrupted

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My dd has done Intro to Latin, using Phenomenon of Language and Latin I, using Ecce Romani I in co-op the last 2 years. This year, she proposes a break, to pick up again next year. There are a couple of very good reasons to do so, but we both want her to have some sort of review material to stay fresh enough to dive back in next year, as this sequence ends in an AP Latin study of Virgil, by 10th or 11th grade.


She's great at memorizing vocabulary and translating, but had difficulty with declension tables on the NLE.


Suggestions for a review program this year?

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I would probably have her practice ("drill" is too specific and strong) the declensions until she has them cold, while working her way slowly through Lingua Latina: Per Se Illustrata, by Hans Oerberg. LL is a reading course in Latin that starts at the very beginning.


My 15yo son set aside Latin study in 9th grade to take an online German course, and we used LL to keep his skills up somewhat. We had a difficult year with family stresses so we weren't as consistent as I'd hoped, but I was fairly happy with what he was able to do.


I really liked the recommended approach: the student reads the selection many times over the course of a half week or a week, trying to understand without translating, and then meets with the instructor to read it together and discuss it. Again, without translating word for word. There is another book for grammar support, if you want it.


So, that's an idea.

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