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If you could have chosen your OWN first name, what would you have chosen and why?

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My parents meant to have my middle name be Ellen, but when they named me... they changed my first name... and forgot to use Ellen. It's my maternal g-ma and paternal g-ma's names... (middle) so it's special. Darn! I did name my daughter after them. :) My middle was changed to Lynn. I do like my first name better for me, than what they had first chosen.


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Rachel or Renee. I don't know why, just like the sound I guess. The first name my parents gave me is ok but people like to give me nicknames I don't like (DeeDee, Big Dee - even though I was small) or they call me Diane. Oh, I used to get called Debbie alot too. Why is Denise so hard to remember?


My dd has an unusual name for an American. I hope she likes it when she's older.


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Since I never knew another girl with my first name, I didn't like it as a kid. I wanted to have the name Lisa, which was very popular and girly - though I was a tomboy. I think it was b/c I had a friend named Lisa who was everything I was not: pretty, doted on by her mom and dad, spoiled w/LOTS (including a white bdrm set and pink canopy!) LOL


Nowadays, I don't think about my name. I am glad that dh and I named our kids for reasons other than "we liked the sounds in that name", as my parents did. I love to hear WHY parents chose the names they did for their dc. I find when I hear the stories, I always end up liking the name no matter how bizarre :D

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Mmm, I like Summer or Sky.

Growing up and to this day, when I put my name in at a restaurant, I give them the name Summer. It all started when people would say is that with a Ta or a To ( when I would say my name is Tawnya) It was Ta, but not Tanya- it was T-A-W-N-Y-A , then they would ask me to start all over again. So I just started to say summer, and no one ever asked me how to spell it. LOL


And our youngest's middle name is Skye.

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