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How can I turn Vocab into a game for boys?

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Vocabulary books are boring, especially to 3 grammar stage boys. Do any of you have vocabulary games that you play? I thought about making index cards, sticking the words to the wall, giving the boys the definitions and making them race to match them. That idea is still being molded, but I figure there is someone out there who has found something fun. Thank you!!

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The race to match sounds good. You can also try the following:


1. Concentration game to match the roots and meanings (or vocab words and meanings).


2. Make a crossword puzzle using one of those free online crossword makers online.


3. Put the root words on index cards, lay them all over the floor, then say the meaning aloud and have the child jump to the correct root on the floor (or say the root and have the child jump to the meaning on the floor).


HTH. I will post again if I think of something else.

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-Tic tac toe bean bag style. When they toss the bag on a square with a vocab word, they say the definition and get to put their X or O on it if they get it correct.

-Write vocab on a window in a bulls eye drawing all in washable markers, use a dart gun with suction cup darts, hit a ring on the bulls eye and give definition to earn points...highest points win. This can also be done outside using a bow and arrow...place vocabulary on cards and lay then in the grass or pin to a tree or an arrow target foam box.

-Bowling, place vocabulary words on what ever you want to use as bowling pins and what ever pins are left standing can be verbally knocked down if they can get the definition correct.

-Ping Pong cups, put vocabulary words into cups and toss a ball in the cups (think canival style) then if they answer the definition correctly they get a prize(one M&M, cheerio, you get the idea).

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You've got some great ideas!


This might not be considered "fun" for boys, but it is kinda a cool free vocabulary resource.


WordSmyth Glossary Maker


The site is also cool as it has three dictionaries - Beginner's, Children's, and Advanced.


We've also had great fun with the free Anki intelligent flashcards. I've set it all up so all our computers, iPad/iPhone are synched. Last night when we were at a restaurant, we could quiz ourselves on vocab. We had a blast! Here's a link to their online Anki.

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How about creating a target with vocab words or definitions in each section. Then let them shoot with Nerf dart guns! Whichever space they hit, they only get the point if they know the definition, or the word that goes with the def.!




I might try that myself this year! =)



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Nerf guns!!! Perfect!!! It just so happens that I have a gun or 4 lying around.

Thank you for the suggestion!


I appreciate the feedback. Through this post, I have discovered Rummy Roots, Balderash and several other games. I will file this information away for when the kids are older....

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Guest paulah88

The Vocabulary section on PaulasArchives.com has a page of vocabulary games. It also has a bingo card generator so you can make a bingo game for any vocabulary list.



In that section, I also posted a page on my philosophy of teaching vocab. You probably won't agree with everything (if two people agree on everything, one of them is superfluous). But at least it should give you some ideas to consider.

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