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CW (Homer) users pls come here and share your success stories

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I'm on the fence about CW Homer and could use an encouraging word or two. I'd like it, if you've used CW, if you'd be willing to share how CW has shaped and improved your child's writing. I'd love to hear in what ways their writing has improved and why you attribute that to CW (vs whatever else you've tried).


Also, why (or why not, I guess) you'll continue using the CW series...

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I used CW Aesop and Homer for the Older Beginner with my 6th and 10th graders this year.


The 10th grader didn't make it all the way through. She didn't like rewriting, or improving, such great work. She thought it sounded great the way it was and didn't like her own writing as well. We switched her to Write Shop, which teaches similar skills, but she was improving her own writing, not someone else's writing.


THe 6th grader really liked it until the end. He enjoyed the stories, I saw big improvements in his style and writing ability across all subjects. But he didn't finish the program either. We got towards the end and he became bored. We flipped through the last several lessons and realized that they were just practicing the same skills without adding in new, for the last several weeks. So we stopped that. I tried to switch him to Write Shop, but by that time he was done with writing, he needed a break. So I had him write short creative stories for the last few weeks of the year with a Silly Story Starter flip book. That has given him the break he needed to jump back into a writing curriculum this fall. This ds had also done CW Aesop the year before.


We won't be continuing with CW Diogenes. I had bought them, and looked through them, even tried to teach the first few lessons, and found it just wasn't my style.


I do intend for my last child, 4th grade this coming year, to work through the Aesop and Aesop Homer for Older Beginners books. I really do like the skills they teach, I just might modify it some so the last lessons aren't so repetitive..

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We just started with Aesop & Homer for Older Beginners so I'm interested, too. For 5th grade we used Writing Tales, a similar program for younger kids and we really liked that. It's still our first week in A & H and so far...eh. Not nearly as much fun.

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I'm commited to using CW with my dd, but I can't tell you a success story. Her writing is a work in progress and, so far, I like the progress that I've seen. I haven't used any other writing programs, so I can't compare them. I don't think that CW is for everyone, but it works well for us.


We completed Aesop, Homer and Diogenes: Maxim. Next year, we will be in Chreia. Here's my view of each level:


Aesop: I used my own plans and just used the core for this level. The biggest draw for me was that the core book gave me a guideline but I could work on the skills and at the pace that my dd needed.


Homer: We used all of the extra books for this level and I'm glad that I did. This was quite intense, but dd learned a lot (as did I!) It seems like this is the most critical book in the series. This is where you learn so many fundamental techniques. My dd did well with rewriting the models and she was able to put her own very creative spin on them. When my dd took the Explore test, she said that knowing how to diagram helped her choose the right answers in the grammar section. She got 100% on this.


Maxim: I loved Maxim. First, dd became quite independent at this level. I helped her with most of the lessons, but she didn't really need me. Next, Maxim gives the student types of paragraphs to write in an essay. Even though it gives a pattern for writing, it doesn't feel as formulaic to me as the 5-paragraph essay. Again, this level has provided more tools for dd to use in her writing.


My hope through using CW is that it will provide dd with the skills she needs to be a an excellent writer. She has a natural talent for writing and CW has been a good way to expand her writing tool box.

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